Parking Perks

Parking Perks

​If you ever find yourself driving around with no place to park, just head to one of Link's car parks. With more than 70,000 car park spaces all across Hong Kong, from Tseung Kwan O to Tung Chung, drivers will find convenient parking near Link's shopping centres. From hourly rates to monthly rates for different users, Link provides flexible parking schemes to meet the needs of different types of drivers. Having set up Electric Vehicle charg​ing stations and introduced the EV Pass, Link is dedicated to promoting environmental protection.

Hourly Parking
Hourly parking offers for each of our hourly car parks.
12-hour Parking
Link’s designated car parks offer 12-hour parking privilege (maximum 12 hours from time of entry until 23:59 on the same day).
24-hour Parking
There is also a maximum 24-hour parking (for a maximum of 24 hours parking from time of entry).  The maximum number of continuous days for 24-hour Parking is 7 days​.
EV Pass
With an EV Pass, owners of electric vehicles can enjoy free parking privileges at designated spaces equipped with electrical charging facilities between 10:00am to 10:00pm.
One-Link Pass
Car owners can enjoy the "One-Link Pass" privilege of free parking at more than 100 Link’s designated car parks from 8:00am to midnight every day for just an extra monthly fee on top of the usual private car parking bay fee.
Offer for Disabled
Link offers a 60% discount on parking fees to Disabled Person's Parking Permit Holders.
New Arrangement for Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege and people with permanent mobility disabilities: 

> Notice on Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege

> Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege T&C

> Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege Application Form

> Change Registration Information of Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege Application Form

*Accessible Hourly Parking Privilege is not applicable to Lions Rise Car Park 

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EV Pass One-Link Pass

* All parking offers are for private cars only, and may not be combined with any other types of free parking offers. All times based on vehicle entry time.

Car Park 

60 % discount offer for disabled

E-Payment for monthly parking spaces